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NEW INC and Ace Hotel Brooklyn present: public / private – an immersive experience

  • 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Monday March 07, 2022
  • | Ace Hotel Brooklyn

public / private steers the choreography of movement through space. With nothing but a set of headphones and each other, guests will navigate Ace Hotel Brooklyn in small groups with audio as their guide. A clandestine hotel room encounter. A delicate discovery. And a reimagination of the relationships and physical environment that have been formed await within.

Emerging from months in our homes, distanced from each other, we now have to renegotiate and reimagine how we gather as bodies in physical space. Further, the dichotomy of public vs private has grown starker, shaping how we hold and move our bodies. We’ve gone from conforming to certain postures in private space to re-entering public space with these new physical memories. A hotel offers a nuanced place to investigate these shifts as it is a convergence of the public and private.

Please sign up for a 30-minute performance slot below.

The New Museum teams up with Ace Hotel Brooklyn and Ace Hotel New York for an eight-part series that animates a shared faith in discovery, a mutual devotion to artistic pursuits. The year-long lineup will sanctify the hotels with co-curated pop-ups, artist conversations, screenings and more.

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